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KBand ticket system is an easy and fast way to create point of sales locations both mobile and stationed. Once a ticket is purchased through the KBand app the promoter has the ability to view all sales done in real time. 

KBand allows your to creating, promote, track, check-in, and analyze any event you create on it’s platform.


Quick setup

01. Download Kband app

Before setting up your back office profile, you must download the KBand app to receive your personal KBand ID code

02. Create your organization

Here you’ll submit your company/organizations name and basic information, a long with adding your members who’ll

be allowed to do sales and entrance access on the day of the event on your behalf

03. Create your event

Go to the events tab, click on create event, and fill in the required information. Be sure to submit a flyer for your event. Click on submit your request to approve your event. This is to screen the events being promoted on the app for profanity or non conduct events.

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